General Practitioners are basically doctors who are still practicing their skills under any government or private hospital to pursue expertise in the desired field of surgery or medicine. General Practitioners are doctors who help their patients by treating them just like the other doctors. General Practitioners may have other chambers or hospitals where check-up patients and treat them according to their requirement.  Every senior doctor or a doctor who has gained great knowledge of his or her field of expertise was once a general practitioner who was on the verge of becoming a specialist in some organ. Also, there are a number of general Practitioners who visit nearby villages, slums, orphanages, old age homes and many more places where people either don’t get or can’t afford the expenses behind normal medication and treatment. These General Practitioners provide their helping hands to the people who need it the most without any hesitation. Most of the doctors demand no money from the poor people and provide them free medicine while the others charge very less a sum that is easily afforded by the villagers. Doctors like these are always in demand, and practically every single human wants to stay fit and healthy and wants a doctor in time of need. This is the sole reason doctors on call are required near people.


Why are General Practitioners required near common people?

General practitioners are not that busy as compared the specialists. Moreover, the General Practitioners always do not have a workload of complex treatment problems just like the surgeons do so it is quite obvious that the General Practitioners can practice as well as they treat the common people. Everybody around is growing old with time. With old age come more health-related issues. Also, life has numerous medical related issues such as diseases, fever, fractures, cold, etc. These numerous health pertaining problems require the need for doctors. That is why every single human being wants a doctor either in their own family or in the neighborhood region. Medically ill conditions can deteriorate in almost no time, so if a doctor is located far away, one can face fatalities. That is why doctors are required in a stipulated radius. With proper treatment and medicines within the right time, a General Practitioner can save thousands of lives. General practitioners have the duty and responsibility to treat everyone equally irrespective of the caste, creed, religion or sex. Every human gets an equal amount of treatment and labor from the General Practitioner.

Duties and responsibilities of a General Practitioner

The General Practitioners have the duty to provide assistance during any time of the day. Be it midnight or be it early in the morning the doctors are sworn to help the medically ill people in the time of need no matter what. A patient’s life is the most important thing in a doctor’s life. Nothing should hinder a General Practitioner from properly treating a person whose life is at risk.