Online presence has now become a validity of identification and existence. So whether you are a bakery around the corner or a high set multi-national company, you need to have an impactful online presence. Now when it comes to having your websites and other presence in the e-world, there are various aspects which you need to consider and act on. One of the most important of these is content marketing.

Content marketing is the best way to reach your customers – you give them what they want, and they are glued to you. Content marketing ensures you have a constant stream of site traffic. Now what you need to consider is the platform you choose to start your business blog – there are a lot of them out there, but we have brought the best to you, to ensure your business blog has a blooming start!

It would be unjust to WordPress if I began with any other platform! And this is simply because WordPress is that awesome! Personally, as a user of WordPress, I have found that WordPress is superbly user-friendly with a number of features that are simple, yet hugely beneficial. With a tonne of themes that are one of their kinds and so creative, you’re sure to have a tough time zeroing down to one – but don’t worry, WordPress has got you covered here too! Just type in your business type, and voila – they’ll suggest to you a host of themes suitable for your kind! To know how fantastic WordPress is, you definitely have to try it out!

If you want to post quick and short blogs on a daily or frequent basis, Tumblr is for you! Plus, you also have the feature of re-blogging, which is vital to ensure your blog has great exposure. For new bloggers, this one’s definitely a great choice. You can also customize your website and add a personal touch to the palette of themes that Tumblr has put up!

Coming from Google, Blogger is definitely a great choice! Blogger started off on its own initially but now has been integrated into Google. Either way works well for us! The only drawback of Blogger is that it, unlike WordPress, it cannot be independently hosted on servers and has to remain on Google servers. However, this doesn’t affect it’s user-friendly options, making Blogger stand in this list of best blogging platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Set up your sites with any one of these platforms and get started!