A few more followers on Instagram would be great, huh? Or perhaps a few hundred. Or a few hundred thousand…

Regardless of how many Insta followers you have, you can employ a few sneaky strategies to make your profile go that bit further. Online communities and brand authority go hand in hand after all. The more ‘likers’ of a brand, the more credibility and trustworthiness we perceive it to have.


So, we’ve thrown together just a few of these awesome tips on how to grow your Instagram presence, and optimize your profile…

How do you get more followers?
Recently in June 2018, Instagram updated its news feed algorithm, from chronological to algorithmic, based on who and what the user likes. The intention is to tailor it more to our interests but honestly, it’s become a bit of a jumble, making it more difficult than ever to get your post noticed when you’re up against Kim Kardashian and other big followings.

How do you beat the algorithm?

High quality photos
Since Instagram is a highly visual platform, it’s about having clear, stunning images that follow the ground rules of photography. Don’t worry, a fancy DSLR isn’t a necessity for this. Done right, humble smartphone will do the trick just as well.

Brush up on things that make a ‘good photo’, including…
• Lighting
• Photo composition
• Editing

Another pro tip – people like profiles with a consistent photo style that adds cohesion to your page.

Be active
This includes posting regularly to keep up your presence, and interacting with the Instagram community through liking and commenting on others’ photos, and connecting with those who have similar interests.

So, how do you bring your A-game when it comes to marketing on Instagram?
We’ve thrown together a list of tips to get you SEO agency your way to the top of this social media powerhouse.

1. Optimize your bio
This is the first thing viewers will see when they come to your profile. It’s important to use this to concisely represent you and what your content is all about. Don’t be afraid to get creative, or humorous. Plus it’s a great chance to include those crucial keywords.

2. Optimize the first 6-12 photos
These are the first photos viewers will see upon coming to your page, and it’s very important to establish what your style and your brand is within the first 6 to 12 photos that will appear to them. Again, make it clear that you have a consistent theme, as these will create the all important first impression about who you are and what your content is about.

3. Create a style
To emphasize, one of the most important things is to create your own style. Create something that’s uniquely you, or your brand, and be consistent with this across your profile will come across as very aesthetically pleasing to your viewers.

How do you find what your style is? Establish by a theme, your type of photos, or your editing style. It’s important to stick to this, but this doesn’t mean you can’t gradually transition to different styles over time.

You can effectively establish consistency across the grid layout in these ways…

• Colour – take the same type of photos. For example, if you photograph the ocean on a sunny day you could continue with a ‘coastal vibes’ page. If you have certain colours in your brand logo, use these to guide your photos.

• Photo arrangement – bear in mind how photos will look together in your feed. Before you upload a new snap, picture what your grid will look like. Pleasant on the eyes? Take the first 9 photos into account as these are integral to the viewer’s first impression.

• Content planning – if you want to create a highly aesthetic profile, plan ahead on what you’re going to post. This means posting photos and videos that make sense to the theme, the whole grid, and the broader message or story of what’s going on.