For all those who live in tropical or arid areas where the sun is continually blazing over your head, this one’s for you! Science has answers for everything, right? So how could it not find a solution for homes that are being heated up with the sun’s glare? Well, probably a bit late, but they have finally come down to an excellent remedy, so shall we say, cheers to the most recent discovery in the world of science? Well, of course, yes – welcome to the Reflective Paint!

Now the good news is that the usage of this polymer-based paint is not restricted to merely homes and buildings – it can cater to a wide range – from cars to airplanes – anything and everything that you need to keep cool! From metals to plastics, it can be used on a variety of surfaces too. Isn’t this paint cool?

Headed by Yuan Yang, a team of material scientists from Columbia University has created this reflective paint with the aim of helping us all combat the increasing temperatures and sweltering heat.

The main components of this magic paint are water, acetic acid and a poly (A kind of polymer). When applied on a surface, the acetic acid and water in this paint evaporate, only to leave behind a polymer-based coating that’s completely covered with tiny air pockets. These air pockets are instrumental in reflecting back the sun rays, preventing the surface from getting heated.

The paint is structured to leave back these air pockets, which not only reflect the heat but also ensure an easy escape route for any remaining trapped heat.

Now the point to be noted here is the fact that conventional white paints give reflective coverage of around 85%. But this newest discovery increases the efficiency of cooling paints to 96% – which almost nears 100%. This paint promises to keep your homes cooler by about 6° Celsius, which is indeed quite a relief!

So, you no longer have to head to a balmy home, or a heated up car in summers or anytime in blazing heat – wait for this magic paint to make its entry into the markets, and you’ll be the “new cool” in town!