Fruits are indeed a delight to snack on. More than often we do not even know that these fruits that we chomp on are actually powerhouses of nutrition! We’ve come up with a list of fruits and the nutrition they bring to you – so that the next time you’re biting into one, you’ll also know what nutrients you are taking in!

These fruits are great for your skin and overall health too! It is packed with vitamin C and has so much of it that it is recommended for people who are deficient in Vitamin C. It also carries in it Vitamin B, albeit in smaller quantities. It also has potassium and folate which are great for your overall health. And yes, papayas have the digestive enzyme papain, which helps you clear toxins from your body and also has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties. Way to go!

Pineapples are such a delight! And they come armed with vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants too! The manganese content in pineapples makes it eligible to increase immunity in the body. Rich in fibre, low in calories, pineapples are the perfect fruit to bite into! And the best part is – you can even juice it up! Have it as you like it – the benefits won’t change!

Citrus fruits:
This clan of tangy cousins is a great immunity booster for your family! Grapefruits, oranges, lemons and sweet limes are loaded with Vitamin C. The fibres that these fruits provide are great for your digestive track. You need to keep refuelling your body with daily doses of Vitamin C as the body doesn’t store it in any form. Juice them, squeeze them, add them to your meals every day and voila – you have your immunity boosters right there!

The cheapest fruit that’s packed with tremendous benefits! You should make it a point to eat one banana a day. Equipped with tonnes of potassium and a little sodium, bananas are a go-to snack before your workout! Bananas also aid your digestive tract and have anti-inflammatory properties too. Plus, with that thick skin, it’s also one of the most hygienic fruits!

Small little furry fruits with a sour tangy taste are an excellent source of vitamin C. They are also essential when it comes to building up white blood cells in your body. And white blood cells are the soldiers of our body. So we can safely say that kiwis boost your body’s immunity!

There you go – all fruits that are best for you! Make sure you include these in your daily diet. Stay healthy, be happy!