Yes, it’s time to do a TM1 vs Anaplan comparison. In today’s world, digital integration is an extremely important aspect for businesses. You need it to store, read, gauge and interpret data. You can no longer rely on the old methods which no longer cater to the current demands. If you are looking forward to efficient data analytics solutions, then you need to seriously think about latest technologies. In 2018, we all agree to the fact that cloud is the present and future to store large amounts of data. And that brings us to TM1 vs Anaplan debate. And we can no longer stay away from Anaplan vs TM1 debate. TM1 verses Anaplan is all about finding the best software for data manipulation. Operators are always looking for a brand which is secure and remote. And they want a brand which is capable of providing quality performance without a pause. When we go deeper into the TM1 or Anaplan debate, we’ll learn more about both. It’s time for us to start the Anaplan or TM1 battle. 

Commercial friction 

  • We are going to address the TM1 – Anaplan commercial friction. 
  • Well, one has to understand the competition between these two brands. It’s nothing short of fascinating. 
  • It is important to understand where they differ and how much asset they possess. 
  • When you identify these things, you will be able to run your operation with efficiency and a sense of purpose. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Anaplan against TM1 battle below for our own clarity. 

Commercial friction

Functionality Fundamentals 

When it comes to TM1, it makes use of separation between the central dashboard and input tables. Moreover, TM1 is written in a unique language and this makes it unique compared to its competitors. In the case of Anaplan, its users find it more user-friendly. Users appreciate the simple interface the most. But if you are looking for more features, then you should go for TM1.  

Performance speed 

When it comes to quickly reading data and applying changes in real time, Anaplan is way ahead of TM1. Performance speed of Anaplan is exemplary. Same cannot be said about TM1. If you are particular about performance speed, then you should rather opt for Anaplan. What makes Anaplan so fast? Well, it is because of the fact that Anaplan processing is completely automated. However, slight delays have reported several times in the past. Well, it happens when you are required to perform complex calculations. In conclusion, it is still miles ahead of its competition when it comes to speed. 


Next up, we will compare the cost of the packages of these 2 softwares. Well, what we have seen is that younger brand is cheaper. If you have a complex model then TM1 will be more cost-effective as per our studies. It holds true especially in the case of long-term use. However, it is difficult to compare the cost. One can see that, eventually, the data volume is the ultimate determining factor. We hope that the TM1 vs Anaplan debate has offered some clarity.